Felipe Mellizo Sanz

(Last update: april 2019)

Born in Madrid in 1964.  Scriptwriter and showrunner. Awarded as ‘best TV executive producer” by the Academia de las Ciencias y las Artes de Televisión de España (Spanish Television Academy) in 1999.


Different schools in Spain and UK from 1968 to 1982 (Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Real Colegio Alfonso XII, Kings College -Madrid-, San Ignacio de Loyola…).

Radio sound technician in “Escuela de radio”. Madrid. 1981.

Electronic professional training and studies serving the Spanish Navy between 1982 and 1984.

Journalism in Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1989 – 1993).

WORK EXPERIENCE(only on television)

My professional career in television started collaborating in several documentaries about science and the “seas, sailors and sailing”. In 1993 I joined GECA’sfoundation team (Gabinete de Estudios de Comunicación Audiovisual – Audiovisual Communication Work Group), which years later merged with GLOBOMEDIA, creating the most important fiction and entertainment company  in Spain.

Throughout my professional career i have “worked” (writing scripts) in twenty series and twenty shows, including documentaries, television contests, late night shows…

In addition to this, I participated in the creation, coordination, and training of working teams for different companies and producers, professionally advising for the recruitment and management of their creativity, and representing producers in meetings of sales and correction of tv series and other content of fiction versus television broadcasters.

Currently I´m writing scripts for several series and taking part in courses and lectures in different cultural associations and Universities.


1982               Un mundo feliz?: Science and human knowledgment documentary. Camera assistant, writers assistant

1989               Deportes populares: Documentary. Lost traditions of Spain. Production assistant.

1989-1991    Longitud Latitud: Documentary. Spanish seas and sailors history Scriptwriter, Cameraman.

1991               Cuento mi canto: Documentary. “Salsa” music and dance. Cameraman.

1992-1993    El Friqui: Sports show. Scriptwriter.

1992-1993    La noche se mueve: Late night. Scriptwriter.

1992               Gracias a Dios acabó el 92: New years eve show. Sound technician.

1993               El suby-baja: Contest. Scriptwriter.

1993               Fin de año de Telemadrid La noche se mueve:  New years eve  show. Scriptwriter.

1993-1995    Colegio Mayor: TV series. Scriptwriter and script editor. 

1994-1995    El Rompecabezotas: Contest. Scriptwriter.

1994               ¡Scavengers!: Contest. Scriptwriter.

1994-1996    Médico de familia: TV series. Creator (with others), Script editor, Scriptwriter.

1996               Lucrecia: TV movie Specialist in documentation.

1996-1997    Menudo es mi padre: Creator (with others), executive producer and Scriptwriter. 

1997               Efecto F: Late night show. Scriptwriter. Editor.

1997               Más que amigos: TV series (1997). Co-executive producer, script editor and Scriptwriter.

1997-1998    Compañeros: TV series. Creator (with others) Co-executive producer and scriptwriter.

1998-2000    Periodistas: TV series. Creator (with others) Executive producer and Scriptwriter.

2001-2002    La corriente alterna: Late night (2001-2002) Scriptwriter.

2002               “Grameen Bank: El banco de los pobres”: Documentary. Scriptwriter.

2004               “Dalí: maestro de sueños”: TV movie / documentary. Scriptwriter.

2005               Caso Cerrado (Suárez y Mariscal): TV series. Scriptwriter.

2005               Cuéntame cómo pasó: TV series Scriptwriter.

2006-2007    SMS (Sin miedo a soñar): TV series Scriptwriter.

2007               El juramento de Puntabrava: TV series. Scriptwriter.

2008               Viva Luisa: TV series Script editor.

2009               UCO (Unidad central operativa): TV series. Script editor. Scriptwriter.

2009               Lalola: TV series Script editor.

2010               Valientes: TV series. Script editor.

2010               El Gordo: TV movie Script writer.

2012-2014    B&B: TV series. Creator (with others). Scriptwriter.

2013-2016    Águila Roja: TV series. Scriptwriter.

2016               La Española Inglesa. TV movie. Scriptwriter. Co-executive producer.

2017-2018    Wifileaks. Magazine / humor.  Editor in chief.

2019-2020 El Cid. Tv series. (Amazon/Zebra). Scriptwriter.


1999-2001    Content manager / director of “Árbol digital” and “Globomedia interactiva”.

2001-2002    “LA corriente alterna” Virtual Newspaper: Content director. Writer.

2006-2008   TERRATV Channel. Executive producer and editor (WEB series and magazines).


1982               Radio cadena española. Sound technician.

1982               Radio 80. Sound technician.

1984               Agencia EFE (EFE radio). Sound technician.

1984-1986    Radio EL PAÍS. Sound Technician.

1985               Euradio. Sound technician.

Academic teaching, post graduate teaching

 Radio teacher and sound technician in the UAM / EL PAIS journalism master course from 1986 to 1990. 
 Lecturer, technician and member of social chats in different universities and educational centres during their summer courses (Menéndez Pelayo, Juan Carlos I, Ronda, Complutense University and C.E.U University, Francisco de Vitoria University…).  
 Professor in Juan Carlos I University and GLOBOMEDIA’s postgraduate studies “Máster de creatividad y guiones” (Creativity and scripts). From 2010 to 2015.
 Speaker during the events of the fourth
centenary of the death of Cervantes in the Spanish National

Newspapers, events, and others

Throughout my career I have published various articles and photos about communication, technology and travels in newspapers and magazines (El País, El Sol, El Globo…). I also wrote the script of Sevilla’s Olympic Stadium’s opening ceremony (1999), and I went to Seoul as a correspondent in Seoul’s Paralympic Games (1988). I also wrote some “live event scripts”, television awards scripts, and company presentations.